Birds are a vital part of many ecosystems throughout the world. They play an important role in our lives and in the whole biosphere.

In fact from the very beginning birds can be found in the biblical Creation story.  “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.’ So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them. And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth” (Genesis 1:26-28).

So it is important that we learn about birds and how we can best care for them.  Here are some ways that you can help birds even from your own home.

Various bird feeders

Bird FeedersYou can install different kinds of bird feeders in your garden or on your front porch. Spending money on bird feeders can add more aesthetic value to your home offers a positive environment for your family.

But there are very simple things that you can do without spending money. All you need is a desire to care for God’s creatures. You can simply scatter seeds or pieces of bread whenever birds are migrating in your area to feed them. You can even put in an acorn in peanut butter to feed the birds that visit you.

Birdhouses and Birdbaths

Birdhouses installed together with the bird feeders can work well in your backyard to attract birds that will stay for a while. It is important to also have a birdbath so the birds can find water to drink.  This is a basic need that will help attract various species of birds.

You can construct your own birdhouses and birdbaths or you can buy them from your local hardware store. You will find that you have a lot of choices available which can help you be creative in setting up things to attract the birds.

Plant Native Plants

Keep in mind that the plants you grow in your garden have an effect on the creatures that visit.  If possible, you should try to plant native plants.  Not only will your garden be beautiful, but you can also help create an ecosystem that is familiar to the birds.

Practice Recycling and Use Less Plastics

RecyclingKeep in mind that you can always practice recycling and use fewer plastics. When you do proper recycling, the birds and other creatures will have less exposure to waste that impacts the environment.

By recycling, you are also not just helping the birds but you are helping the planet as a whole. You are protecting sea creatures from eating or getting tangled up in plastic waste. You are doing your part in taking care of God’s creation.

Keep cats indoors

If you own a cat, you should probably try to keep it indoors. Did you know that an estimated 2.6 billion birds die in the United States and Canada because of cats? They do not necessarily eat them, but they often injure them which eventually costs them their lives.

Cats are naturally drawn to try and catch birds. It is in their nature. However, you can help out by making sure that your cat is kept away from the bird feeders, houses, and baths.

Make sure that your windows are safe

Did you know that your windows can kill birds? At night, when you have lighted windows, they attract and kill migrating birds that fly into the glass.

During the daytime, windows also reflect the sky, so the birds that are innocently flying nearby can go toward the windows and get injured.

You should make sure that you turn out lights at night and use curtains in the morning so that you do not unnecessarily attract birds to any windows.

Teach your children about birds

children with birdsThe best contribution that you can also make is to teach future generations about birds and what they can expect from them. Why are birds important? What makes these creatures so majestic that we need to protect them? There are so many ways that you can teach your children about birds because these are majestic and graceful.

Nature is Our Responsibility

Keep in mind that taking care of nature and God’s creation is our responsibility. Creation Illustrated magazine offers tips on how to care for and be good stewards of the creatures and their surroundings.

When we take care of nature, we take care of what the Creator has given us. In Psalm 50:10, we learn “For every beast of the forest is Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills.” We shall respect every single part of His creation and all that we can learn about it.

“But ask the beasts, and they will teach you; the birds of the heavens and they will tell you, or the bushes of the earth and they will teach you, and the fish of the sea will declare to you. Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind” (Job 12:7-10).

This is God’s way of saying that the birds of the heavens will reveal some of the teachings of the Creator. We must do our best to share this Earth with them. It is our God-given responsibility after all.