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Current Summer 2020 Issue -

Features included in our NEW Ad-Free Keepsake Edition:

  • Creatures Near and Dear to Us: Mellow Manatees –by Tammy Darling and Yvonne Hill

  • Re-Creation Outdoor Adventure: Rocky Mountain National Park –by Jean Van Houten

  • Creation Up Close: John Ray – English Naturalist – by John Hudson Tiner

  • A Lens on Creation – The Sanderlings’ Journey –by Bobby Harrison

  • Creation Day 2 Story: The Creation of the Firmament –by Tom Ish

  • Creation Highlights news briefs: Seed Dispersal Reveals Creation, Surprising Dinosaur Molecules.

  • Creation Stewardship: Gardens- Pandemic Victory Gardens, Tips for growing a garden, God’s direct instruction to “be fruitful”.

  • My Walk with God: The Roar of Your Waterfall–by Tatiana Claudy

  • Gardens from Eden: My Father’s Garden–by Jennifer Ish

  • Genesis Cuisine: Delightful Dip Recipes – Cheesy Fiesta Dip, Creamy Mediterranean Dip, Pina Colada Dessert Dip

  • Children’s Story: Grandma’s Earthworms –by K. P. Jones

  • Creation Character Building Lesson: Vanishing Prairie –by Terry and Jean McComb

  • New Coloring & Photo Contests for all ages

  • Photo and Coloring Contest winners

  • Study Guide, Family Fun Activities

  • Poetry: Keep Looking –by Marcia K. Leaser

  • And more. . .

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