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Find peace in nature with God today

Creation Illustrated is your perfect
companion to inspire worship.

Find peace in nature with God today

Creation Illustrated is your perfect companion to inspire worship.

There’s something for the whole family

Let Creation Illustrated be your companion for God-centered character development.

Escape the threat of AI by reconnecting with God’s genuine Creation

God created a whole amazing world to explore and discover – let Creation Illustrated be your guide.

Your getaway through uplifting articles:

Play video to see what you are missing!

Encourage your kids to explore the wonders of God’s creation, enjoy fun family activities together, explore the wide world of nature together today with Creation Illustrated as your guide and companion.

Back Issues

Collect all 120 timeless back issues – every copy is a keepsake.


Download handy offline nature guides, sample issues, and more for free!

Contests for All Ages

Share your creativity and view past winners of
our photo and coloring contests!

Study Guides

Help students explore unique flora and fauna with Creation Unit Studies.

Let us be your trusted companion in drawing closer to our Creator  

The Creation Illustrated in Nature section of each issue takes you places you’ve never been to contemplate God’s Creation, love, and power like never before.

Discover the Design of God's Creation!

The Creation Illustrated in Scripture section of each issue dives deeper into the Creation week one day at a time to help inspire awe and worship of Him who made heaven and earth.

Re-connect with Creation through personal experience

The Creation Illustrated in Living section in each issue provides practical ways to engage the whole family with gardening, hikes, photo/coloring contests, and even wholesome Genesis Cuisine recipes!

Find peace in nature with God today

Creation Illustrated is your perfect
companion to inspire worship.

Escape from the pressures of digital life, re-connect with our Creator

Creation Illustrated can guide you through God-centered digital detox.
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What our readers say about



C. Terpstra
Holland, MI

“I was immediately impressed with the photography and Biblical content. God bless your work. Your magazine is just
what we wanted to replace
National Geographic!”

Gift to Senior

C. Birge
Wildwood, GA

“I am 89 years old and read the Creation magazine from cover to cover. It is a gift from my daughter and son-in-law. I also do the Instructional Guide page. Like you said, ‘It’s for students of every age.’


M. Baker
Mountain Top, PA

“The Unit Studies and Magazine exhibit high scientific standards and support Scripture. The material is used throughout the curriculum.”


S. Mellgren, M.D.
Roswell, NM

“No other material in my office gets as many positive comments from my patients as Creation Illustrated. The
stunning color photos and
uplifting content in Creation
Illustrated speak so highly of
the Creator God.”

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