Bible reading serves as a great family activity. Starting your children young (or at any age) provides a great way for them to see that life is meaningful.  Reading Scripture helps everyone see the bigger picture and how they fit into God’s plan for their lives.

He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him.  But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”  This Bible verse from John 1:11–13 talks about how we are all children of God.

As such, it is our duty as children of God to make sure that our own children will also know the purpose that life has to offer each of us as we serve others.  Here are three useful ways to get started.

Choose 1 book of the Bible to read together

Reading Bible with FamilyYou should choose one book of the Bible together. Whether you are already an expert in the Bible and have been reading it for years or you are also just starting out and want to share the experience with your family, choosing something that appeals to everyone is important.

Make sure that your children get a similar experience that you are getting in terms of spiritual development coming from the Bible and its teachings.

If you are also not yet well versed in the Bible, you can study it first before sharing it with your children.  You can always start with some simple Bible verses that are easy for you to understand and explain to your children.

Publications such as Creation Illustrated can help make it easy to get started with life lessons backed by Scripture found in nature.  Resources like this help make reading the Bible fun.

Each person chooses and reads their favorite verse or chapter

Each person should also be given a chance to speak, especially when you already have grown children who can express their thoughts on a Bible verse or a specific topic.

Each person in your family should be able to read their favorite Bible verse and be share why they like it. Not only would this activity be a part of your family bonding, but it should also give you insights as to what your children’s interests are.

Schedule a time to read regularly

The best way to ensure that you will have a good time with your children when it comes to exploring the Bible is to do it at a regular set time.  This helps it become a habit and a part of daily life.

Examine what you usually do to have a full and productive day or week, and include reading the Bible together regularly so you spend time with your children.  Consistent scheduling creates a positive experience for everyone so it does not feel like a chore.

Starter Verses

Reading the Bible

If you have children in the family and you want to get them started with reading the Bible, you can start with the following Bible verses.

“I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are living according to the truth” (3 John 1:4).  A lot of people should start with this Bible verse as it gives children the opportunity to see that they are children of the Creator and that they should live according to the truth of the Bible.

“Before I created you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I set you apart; I made you a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5). This is the next Bible verse that you should try as it begins the process of teaching your children about how God has created them and what is expected of them as children of God.

“Therefore, imitate God like dearly loved children.  Live your life with love, following the example of Christ, who loved us and gave himself for us.  He was a sacrificial offering that smelled sweet to God” (Ephesians 5:1, 2).  Loving a child is a reflection of the love of God.  Your children are made in the likeness of the Creator, and you should make sure that they know about this privilege.

When people feel included, they feel cared about and loved.  This is exactly what you want your children to feel as you introduce them to reading the Bible as an activity.  It is not a chore; it is a way of life that should be respected by every child of God on the planet.

Creation and Animal Activities

There are also Bible reading activities that you can share with your children that focus on animals and plants found in the Bible.  Children love animals, and they are always curious as to what animals do and what role they played in the Bible.  For example, Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem.

You should keep in mind other resources that can help explore such aspects of the Bible that children find interesting.  Bible-based nature journals such as Creation Illustrated help with the study of the things of Creation and the life lessons taught by Jesus through nature in the Bible.