physical well-beingCreation Illustrated Ministries’ purpose is for all humanity to be brought close to nature’s Creator.  The garden was designated our first home, and when we are surrounded by nature and live in nature, we can learn that Creation and Christianity have but one God!  All that our eyes see and hands explore in nature can become a lesson by which we build character.  Creation Illustrated magazine’s “why” is to help bring nature into each person’s busy life—to encourage people to stop and smell the roses.  As we study God’s creation, especially in the newness of springtime, it will build and strengthen our mental powers, Christian character, and physical well-being.

Research continues to demonstrate the health benefits of nature to one’s body, mind, and soul.  Here are just a few studies that help explain why we need nature in our lives daily!  “The benefits of nature experience: Effects of park walks and relaxation exercises during lunch breaks on recovery from job stress,” Journal of Environmental Psychology, Vol. 51, August 2017.  “Nature at home and at work: Naturally good?  Links between window views, indoor plants, outdoor activities, and employee well-being over one year.”  Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 160, April 2017.  “Improved affect and cognition,” Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 138, June 2015.  “Engagement with natural beauty moderates the positive relation between connectedness with nature and psychological well-being,” Journal of Environmental Psychology, Vol. 38, June 2014.

Not everyone has the opportunity to live close to nature or get out in nature, but similar benefits are received from just looking at nature images!  Combining the beauty of nature photography found in Creation Illustrated with the uplifting content of biblical character-enhancing stories provides a powerful combination that edifies the soul to become a new creation in Christ Jesus.  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

You will notice the magazine is divided into three sections—Creation Illustrated In Nature, In Scripture, and In Living.  This provides a balance of mental, spiritual, and physical enrichment in each edition that benefits the whole person!  That’s why.

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