Covid-19 may be around for a long time, but Christmas and other holiday celebrations must go on.  Our parents’ generation can recall difficult times like the depression or wartime eras when they had little but gave much in love, compassion, and togetherness.  When asked, they will often recall the simple blessings they shared during challenging circumstances.

This generation has been tested not just in terms of their physical and mental health but their spiritual health as well. This is a time to create special memories. In our goal to create an uplifting publication, we also accept reality. We should all believe that when an event happens that affects humankind, it is a reminder that we should also reach out to others while being compliant with what science has to say. After all, the Creator of humankind is also the creator of Science.

There has been much interest in how people can plan their Christmas celebration now that we have all adjusted to the new normal. Let us count the ways.

Tips On the Day of Your Celebration.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas on Christmas day itself or some other time, there are a number of helpful tips that we have for you.

Follow common sense and health guidelines.

It is important that you follow common sense and all the protocols set for you. Working your schedule around crowds, or scheduling the venue of your celebration, or staying at home should always follow the guidelines that have been set. The best kind of respect that you can give for the celebration of Christmas is to make sure that we do our best to celebrate it safely with our families and friends each and every year.

Create family-friendly games.

Family OutingIf you plan on staying at home for a safer celebration with your loved ones, it is helpful that you create family-friendly games so everyone feels included. If all your loved ones are staying in the same household, it would be easy for you to set up games so all the members of the family can be together safely.

Family-friendly games that you can try out include searching for specific things in the house, in a book, or in a publication where the person who finds it would be given a prize. You can create a wonderful experience by talking about your favorite Bible verse in a story found in a publication and how it applied to your life for the past year.

Socially distanced gatherings are still important.

On the other hand, if you have guests that are coming from different areas, having socially distant gatherings is a must and as much as possible. You should always do it outside in the garden or in your front yard or in a large hall if possible.

If you plan on going outside your home and visiting other places out in nature, going to the beach, going skiing, or going on hikes you should make sure that there is some social distance between groups of people.

Gifts must be opened and sanitized before being given to children.

This is not a tip on your celebration, but just to make sure that the children are safe you should open gifts and sanitize them before giving them to children. While it is hard to stop your children from opening their gifts, you can inform them about the value of patience and why they need to be patient with their gifts at this time.

Pray together as a family.

It is also important that you spend your celebration on what really matters and that is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Center your celebration on prayer. Talk about nature and how you appreciate everything around you from our Creator. Pray together as a family and plan together that we can all spend more time out in nature once again after a long time of just staying at home.

Travel to nearby accommodations for a change of pace.

Family Fun

If you want to be able to see something different or do other activities, you can always travel to the places near your home. Air travel may not be a good idea, but once the restrictions are gone, you can always travel to faraway places.

This year, you can still plan to travel to a destination near you. You are not only going to see a new place, but you are also helping save the local economy.

Happy family – father, mother, baby son hold hands and run with fun along edge of sunset sea on black sand beach. Active parents and people outdoor activity on tropical summer vacations with children.

Seek the blessings of the Creator for you, your loved ones, and the world.

The most important part of your celebration is to be a family that is together in your prayers. As you appreciate nature and each other, believe that all things will come to an end, even the suffering caused by the pandemic. Seek the blessings of the Creator for everyone in the world.

Donate to charity.

HELP HOSPITAL CHAPLAINSIf possible, donate to your favorite charity work. Donations are part of your almsgiving for the year, but you will also be able to use it as a tax deduction when you file for your taxes.

If you have children, this is now the best time for you to teach them how you can play your part in the bigger purpose of every organization or charitable institution that you want to support. Donate to charity and see to it that you tell your children about the purpose of giving and why it is an important part of life.

Instead of an Advent Calendar on the refrigerator where the children get something like a piece of chocolate each day, create a giving calendar where the children give a little something each day.  For example, taping a small coin of their own money on the calendar to give to the poor, or maybe coloring a greeting card to give to the elderly or a neighbor.

This is one of the best parts of planning a Christmas celebration because you are not only giving people what they need but you are also teaching your children about the importance of generosity.  Scripture states, “It is better to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35), which is a vital life lesson!

Covid-19 Does Not Mean Christmas Should Not Be Celebrated.

Christmas 2021No matter how big or small your celebration is, you should have one for you and your family. There are already a lot of individuals who have seen the work of the Lord in their lives. Covid-19 survivors have a fresh look at what life is and that is the fact that it is meant to be lived.

There are many things you and your family can do to celebrate the holidays and places that you can now visit. Enjoy and give thanks for whatever you can do!  Because one day you and your children will look back on these challenging times and say that it may have been their favorite Christmas and time of family closeness.