There are a lot of fun activities that you can do as a family. Even with the restrictions that surround us, there are a lot of activities that can still help make the days more fun and exciting for you and your family.

What are the fun activities that you can do as a family?

As provided in Psalm 127:3-5, “Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.” We believe that the happiness of children is almost always dependent on the happiness of their families.

With activities that you can do with your family, you can truly show love to the Lord. With that, what are the fun activities that you can do as a family? Let us look at some ideas that work in various seasons.

Play in The Leaves

Play in the leaves

Fall is the season where the winds change and the leaves fall. You can make this a fun time for the kids when you allow them to play in the leaves but not in the way that they will just play. You can make this an activity that they can do while you teach them a lesson.


Let them do chores

Playing with the leaves does not necessarily need to be just about playing. You can also teach your children about the value of doing chores and how they can use this as a bonding experience. As your legacy to the world, your children should be able to do the chores and show that they can be responsible while they play.

How exactly can I manage to do this? You can do this by requiring your children to work together as a family. Someone can be assigned a specific task while another one does a different task. In the activities found in Creation Illustrated, you will discover a lot of activities that you can do as a family.

You do not even need to let them know that they are doing chores. All you need to do is be open that what you are doing is also a bonding experience for them as a family.

Jump on the pile and make a mess.

Once you have put everything in one place and make sure that it is only the leaves on that specific pile you should start jumping on the file and make a mess. This is one sure way for you to have that beautiful moment as a family where you can take pictures, and it will last in your children’s memories for a long time.

Jump on the pile and let your children enjoy. As long as it is safe and you are in your own backyard, you should be good to go.

Repeat the process

After enjoying cleaning your backyard and jumping on the pile, you will then tell your children to rake them up again and let them see that enjoying means also being responsible about what you are doing.

Take A Family Hike

Family HikesVarious seasons provide a special time for you to take a hike with your family, especially if you have small children. You can simply take a hike with your family and take advantage of the fall foliage, winter snow or rain, springtime flowers, or summer warmth.   Keep in mind that the higher you hike if there are mountains, the better the view and experience it would be for your children.

We always recommend that you do a Bible verse sharing with your family while you are on a hike or while you are at your camping site. It is always a good idea to have your kids know about the Word of the Creator while they are bonding with their family as it helps them see the beauty of life and the beauty of the Creation.

You can also bring a Creation Illustrated magazine with you, and you should have more bonding experience with your family.

Play A Game

If you and your family are sportier and you want to enjoy your life more, you will certainly love playing a game or going to a sporting event with your children virtually any season. With fewer restrictions, you will now be able to bring your children to stadiums, and as long as you follow all of the health and safety protocols, you should be good to go.

Take Your Children to A Bonfire

You can always also take your children to a bonfire where they can be themselves and where they can enjoy just spending time with each other without technology.  Most of the activities that you can do around a bonfire are really fun especially if you are roasting marshmallows, corn, or potatoes in the fire. Setting up and cleaning up before and after is already a very special bonding experience for you and your children.

Family Fun Run

Family funYou can also have a family fun run when you join activities that your children might have in school. Family fun runs during the cooler seasons will not be too hot and exhausting for the children, and they would certainly enjoy spending that time with you in creating a new memory, taking pictures, and going for something cool to drink.





The bottom line of all of the activities that we have shared with you is that you should spend time with your children during every season by doing fun activities outside of technology. Take your children out on a hike or just bring them out to the backyard for a bonfire, or just a simple cleaning up afternoon of the leaves that may have already been gathered. You don’t need to spend a lot of money just so you can bond with your kids and you do not need a lot of technology either. Have fun with your kids and let them be creative in coming up with family activity ideas too.