Encouraging children to read is one of the most important things that parents should do. In this age of electronics, social media, and technology, being able to help a child love to read is a joy. Having a child who knows how to read the Word of the Lord will especially have a lasting impact!

With that in mind, it is vital to get your children into reading at an early age. What are the ways that you can do this? Here are a number of helpful tips to encourage reading.

Repetition is key.

When your child has a special book or he wants you to read the same book to him over and over again, it is a special sign that he is gaining skills to move to the next level. Repetition is key in learning. When you read to your child and you show him the words over and over again, your child begins to develop basic skills. Reading and re-reading will help build speed, cadence, and accuracy in hearing and pronouncing words. You can build the confidence that you want for your kids, and you will also be able to reinforce that level of confidence as books are read over again.

Make reading real.

Reading is an activity that builds a connection between you and your child. By making reading real, you connect with your child.

mother reading with daughter

How do you make your reading real? You interact with the imagination of your child and let them share their thoughts with you. This allows you not just to help your child’s mind develop, but you will also create a loving and connected bond with them. They need to know that what they are doing is a part of something bigger than them, and they can think outside their normal activities.

When you read the Bible to them, you are not just reading the words; you should handle the experience in such a way that they can see beyond today and build faith in the future for your child.

Always bring something to read with you.

Whether it is the Bible or perhaps the latest issue of Creation Illustrated magazine, you should always bring something to read for you and your children. Not only are you opening up your children to learn more, but they also have something to look forward to at all times.  They will become eager to read and learn.

Whether you are at the mall or waiting at a doctor’s office, you will be prepared and enjoy the fact that your children have something to read that you approve of instead of what is available.

Let your children use their imagination and answer their questions.

Help children to read

When your child is curious about a certain thing that they read about, you should never shut them out from asking questions. Let your children use their imagination and make sure that you always answer their questions or find out the answer. Dig deeper into their curiosity and find out what interests them.  This will not only help your children enjoy reading as an activity, but it also helps your children know that you are there with them to explain things whenever they are reading.

Encourage the child to connect to the story and the experience. Make sure that you check out what your child would learn in the material as it is also a reflection of their worldview.

Make reading the main activity and avoid distractions.

Keep in mind that reading requires focus and attention. Your children cannot fully comprehend what he or she is reading if it is not the main activity that is right in front of them. If you want your child to be more engrossed with reading, make reading the main activity at a certain time, and they will develop good habits.  Any distractions like computer games, cell phones, and social media should not be present.

Before bedtime is a good time to help your child love reading. You need to develop a reading habit in your child so that they are fully engaged and so they do not take reading as a chore that they cannot wait to get out of.

Choose books at your childs level.

Make sure that your children can understand what they are reading. Choose books based on your child’s level, and make sure that what you are giving your child is not beyond their comprehension which may cause frustration.  Reading should not be stressful.

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make is the fact that they do not choose books based on their child’s reading level, and the child does not understand what is happening. When you choose books at your child’s level, you will find that they will be more receptive to doing it again rather than just going through the paces to finish without being interested.

Read about God

One of the most important life lessons that you can teach your children is that they need to read about God. Who is He? What is His goal in the Creation of the Universe? Your children can learn a lot from the Scriptures and the Word of the Lord.

weekly children's magazineYou can do this by encouraging your children to read from Creation Illustrated magazine that is full of Bible-based character-building lessons found in nature.  Reading the Bible is important to do with your children and not with everyone else around to distract them.

In Deuteronomy 17:19, we learn the following about reading the Word: “It shall be with him and he shall read it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the Lord his God, by carefully observing all the words of this law and these statutes.

The verse above is talking about how reading can help with preparing for the kingdom of heaven by lifting one’s heart up through reading the Word of the Lord. There is nothing of greater value than this ultimate blessing that results from encouraging your children to read.