Video games and many online distractions remain prevalent among today’s youth. Many parents see their children spend more and more time playing games online than playing outside. With the pandemic, getting children interested in various activities has been difficult.  Their engagement with physically active opportunities with sports and nature has also grown shorter and shorter.

With these challenges increasing, parents should explore and learn about various suitable options. A variety of activities are available to help get youth away from video games, cell phones, and social media.  Even a good magazine can inspire the desire in youth to engage in outdoor activities. Attractive nature magazines will surely help children get a better point of view in terms of what the natural world is about and the fun and excitement that physical activity outdoors can offer.

To start, you can subscribe to magazines that your children cannot put down. Here is a short list of such publications.

Highlights for Children

Highlights magazine is one of the most fun magazine subscriptions that you can give your children. The magazine’s motto is called “fun with a purpose.” They won’t want to stop exploring all this periodical has to offer.

Your children will develop critical thinking and wonder about many subjects, activities, and puzzles. From in-depth articles to brain games and thought teasers, the whole family will love this magazine.

If you have children who love writing, they will also likely participate by sending in their essays and possibly getting featured in the magazine.

Creation Illustrated

best children's magazinesCreation Illustrated is a nature magazine for all ages. Kids love this magazine, especially during the pandemic when we were all forced to stay inside our homes.

With three main sections — Creation Illustrated in Nature, in Scripture, and in Living — there is a balance of mental, spiritual, and physical enrichment in every issue. Creation Illustrated shows the value of engaging with nature for the whole family.

In addition to the stunning outdoor photography of this top-quality publication, there are many character-building lessons found in the articles that include national parks, animals, birds, and unique aspects found in nature. There are even coloring and photo contests for youth to enter, a homeschoolers’ study guideas well as wholesome recipes for Mom!

Creation Illustrated shares the values of family interaction with nature. Your children will enjoy new experiences and remember the nature parables that teach life lessons, which was Christ’s method of reaching the masses with eternal truths.  You can also read it with your children so you can enjoy a bonding experience between you and your family. A year’s subscription costs less than a pizza, so you can’t afford to subscribe.

Nature Friend

Another magazine that presents nature in a fun and exciting way is Nature Friend. This magazine is similar to Creation Illustrated with a biblical world view of nature and Creation.

It carries inspiring and riveting stories as well as images of various birds and animals all around the world. You will also help your kids discover more about the wonders of various creatures and even learn how to draw some of the creatures presented in the publication.

Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated KidsYou can also try out Sports Illustrated Kids to help get kids away from video games.

For children who love sports, this magazine is a good option. This magazine is not just dedicated to sports but to knowledge, teamwork, and skills development. It shares tips that athletes follow as well as articles and information about health.

The kid-friendly way that sports players share their life experiences helps inspire youth to do their best.

Animal Tales

This colorful magazine is perfect for animal lovers. If your children love animals and you want to encourage them, you should check out Animal Tales.

Adorable puppies and kittens are part of this publication, and you and your kids will have a bonding experience through this magazine. You will also find easy-to-read stories that are filled with inspiration and interactive games and activities.

Chop Chop

A magazine that helps children who love to cook, Chop Chop serves up great ideas to help get children away from the computer.  Each monthly issue has recipes that are great for future chefs to try.

This publication attracts readers with amazing articles and high-quality photos. You may also get enticed to try out a recipe or two.

Ask Magazine

Ask Magazine“Mommy, why is the sky blue?”  If your child is the curious type, then Ask Magazine is the publication for you to answer many of their questions.

This magazine covers history, art, inventions, and science. Your child will have most of his questions answered and even questions that your child has not even asked yet.


No Monopoly of Knowledge

The great thing about children’s magazines, or any publication for that matter, is the fact that no one has a monopoly on knowledge. As parents, you will appreciate the different options available for the children’s magazines that we have shared above.

Since no magazine can cover every interest your child may have, then you should get a variety of the magazines that we have shared. Creation Illustrated has been called by readers, “The Christian answer to National Geographic!” — every issue is a keepsake. Since it covers nature, family, and even the Bible, you and your family would be exposed to all of those topics. The other magazines will be great to answer many other questions and activities that your children are curious about.

If you are ready, you should try to subscribe to these magazines so your children can have the thrill of receiving their own mail and start reading — a perfect holiday or birthday gift!