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Dear Writer and Photographers:

Thank you for your interest in submitting material for possible publication in Creation Illustrated.
Writers: currently we appreciate receiving queries for non solicited articles and at times assign articles to be written.   For more details on each feature and the corresponding payments, please refer to the full Writer and Photographer Guidelines.

Photographers:  If you wish your email to be added to our list of photographers who we contact each quarter with our new needs list please send us your request and contact information to: ci@creationillustrated.com   Subject line: photo needs list request.

Please refer to the Photographer Guidelines to see the important directions on how to submit your photos.

Photo Deadlines and Print Schedule: (may vary slightly)
Winter Edition            Deadline: Nov. 1         Printed: Dec. 15
Spring Edition            Deadline: Feb. 1         Printed: March 15
Summer Edition         Deadline: May 1          Printed: June 15
Fall Edition                Deadline: Aug. 1         Printed: Sept. 15

Thank you for your prompt submissions in accordance with the deadlines listed above
and in the Creation Illustrated Writer and Photographer Guidelines.

Thank you for your interest in helping to make Creation Illustrated a top-quality periodical that glorifies God the Creator.

The Publishers

Upcoming Edition Photo Needs
Spring 2015 Edition Deadline for photos needs for the following articles is February 23, 2015.
Email ci@creationillustrated.com to request more information on photos needs for this issue.

Cover Images -Photos needed of SPRING images, scenes, and creatures in seasonal environments (mostly verticals).  The Front Cover is always a vertical extreme close-up.

Creatures Near and Dear to Us - "Hornbill Loyalty" by Emerald Dew Dunne.  Photos needed of hornbill birds close-up, nesting, flying, in their habitat, in groups, both full grown and young.

Creation Up Close - "Burried Treasures - The Secrets of Bulbs" by   Photos needed of all kinds of bulb flowers (close-up and scenes) and the bulbs themselves.

Lens on Creation - "Bird Watching Adventures" by Bobby Harrison, birding photographer.  Photography assigned; no additional images needed.

ReCreation Outdoors - "Meeting God at the Devil's Staircase" by Stephen Muff.  Photos needed of hiking, vistas, etc. in the Scotland around the Devil's Staircase, a path through the Aonach Eagach ridge in Scotland.

Creation Week Feature - "Creation Day 2, on the Creation of the firmament and atmosphere.  Photos needed of water on the earth and in the atmosphere, etc.

My Walk with God - "Faith in the Journey" by Nikki Rosen.  Photos needed of hiking up hills, hiking in the woods, deer looking at the camera, laying in a hospital with an oxygen mask.

Gardens From Eden - "Spring Planting" by Ed and Paul Dysinger.  Photos needed of tilling the soil, planting seeds, seedlings, etc.

Genesis Cuisine recipes - by Jennifer, Tom, and Melissa Ish  Photography assigned; no additional images needed.

Children's Story - "No Safer Place" by Susannah Dorfsmith.  Photos needed of a child being afraid in a storm, birdhouses, birds on a nest, eggs in the nest, daughter and father walking hand in hand.