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The following comments are from people who use Creation Illustrated as an outreach and/or devotional
tool for family, business, health, education, homeschooling, Bible study, senior citizens, stress relief, and various other outreaches.




For Family


"The spring 1999 issue has an article I just love! Ellen Dana inspired me so with "Bound, Twisted Together, and Held Fast". I shared it with my daughter when she was home this past week. She¹s in a tough place in life right now. After handing her the article to read, I went into the other room and prayed asking the Lord to bless her and strengthen her faith in God through creation."

G. Schmidt, Churchville, NY


"I'm glad this magazine appeals to all ages, and I'm also thankful for the kids section. Keep it geared to families."
A. Franke, Stafford, VA


"My grandson (2 1/2) loves to look at the pictures. He even likes the receipe section. His favorite issue is the one with the "budderfwy" on the cover. I get a double blessing from your magazine. The articles are interesting, and I get to look at them a second time through a child's eyes."
D. Bragg, Las Vegas, NV


"The gift subscriptions for my friends and family are a wonderful investment. What a beautiful way to share His Creation beauty and blessings with those you love."
M. Walton, Pine Grove, CA


In Business Outreach


"With a desire to share Christ in the marketplace, we gave 1,000 gift subscriptions of Creation Illustrated to employees, suppliers, and other business contacts. The response has been extremely positive. In fact, Creation Illustrated has generated the greatest response of any spiritual material we¹ve been able to provide."

G. McNeilus, Dodge Center, MN


B. Slikkers of Holland, MI commented that he has gotten many positive comments from the several hundred employees who receive the magazine as a gift. He explains that the nonthreatening articles are a good Christian outreach.

"Of the 100 customer that I have sent Creation Illustrated to, many have commented and thanked me for it. This has opened the way for me to talk with them further about other Spiritual matters. I'm comfortable sending Creation Illustrated to all of my customers whether they're Jewish, Moslem, or Christian. My duty is to be on the forefront witnessing for the Lord because the devil is certainly in the marketplace. I highly recommend that business people use Creation Illustrated as one of the best forms of advertising what we as Christians believe as well as a good PR tool for your business."
T. Shelley, Oklahoma City, OK


In Health Work


"No other material in my office gets as many positive comments from my patients as Creation Illustrated. The stunning color photos and uplifting content in Creation Illustrated speak so highly of the Creator God."
S. Mellgren, M.D., Vista, CA


"For a long time we have been looking for a balance of quality, color, and appropriate content. Creation Illustrated has been received extremely well by many of our hospital physicians of various faiths. Even our Jewish and Moslem physicians have expressed appreciation for such a tastefully done magazine. It portrays the love of God in a very balanced manner both in quality of content and creative graphics. Creation Illustrated makes a wonderful gift to present to employees, hospital department managers, and patients."
J. Rexin, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, KS


"I first saw your magazine when my wife went to the hospital to have our second child. I was instructed by the nurse to go to the lobby while my wife was prepared for surgery. I picked up a copy of Creation Illustrated and began to read. I then placed my order for a subscription."
L. and M. Stock, Mt. Shasta, CA


"I thank God for whoever it was who left a copy of Creation Illustrated magazine in a waiting room in the hospital where I'm working. The title and the beauty of the cover attracted my attention immediately. The overall quality of the magazine is very impressive, and I believe that anyone who sees a copy would feel the same as I did."
E. Mariano, Ontario, Canada

"I am putting your back issues in our Urgent Care Clinic waiting room.  I want to share wholesome reading matter to the sick that come to us. If they want to take them I will gladly let them have the copy they want.  It will be an attractive and interesting witnessing tool also.  God bless you as you continue to produce this beautiful magazine."
Dr. Medina,  Berrien Springs, MI



In Education/Homeschool


"I was immediately impressed with the photography and Biblical content. God bless your work. Your magazine is just what we wanted to replace National Geographic."
C. Terpstra, Holland, MI


"I was moved to tears many times by the beautiful photography and scripture mixed together. It brought out the majesty and awesome creative power of our Father in heaven. I do intend to use your magazine for part of my curriculum next year. My son is six years old and has that natural innocent wonder about the world around him. I believe Creation Illustrated will help me better put into words for my son how the wonders around us glorify our Lord."
H. Cochran, Belgrade, MT


"I'm looking for a nature magazine for all ages to use with homeschooling and also would like to replace National Geographic in our home."
R. St.Clair, Kagija, MO


"Upon receiving and reviewing Creation Illustrated, my husband and I deemed it to be too old for our children and wrote to cancel. Since that time, however, our seven-year-old son has devoured the magazine, reading it from cover to cover several times, and sharing it with his seven-year-old cousin. I am hoping that since we have had a change of heart you can reinstate the subscription."
M. Glantz, Bloomfield Hills, MI


For Bible Study


"I was reading the book of Genesis and didn't quite understand it. The explanations in your magazine made it much clearer. Now I will look for other answers in you magazine."
V. Strandberg, Spokane, WA


"Thank you again for providing a high quality magazine that helps us to worship God through nature."
J. Mullinnax, Fairfield, IL



For Seniors


"I am 89 years old and read the Creation magazine from cover to cover.  It is a gift from my daughter and son-in-law.  I also do the instructional guide page like you said, “it’s for students of every age.”
C. Birge, Wildwood, GA

"We have devoured it, and we already shared it with friends here in our retirement residence. Yours is a unique ministry that undoubtedly will appeal to a very special class of people who may not otherwise be reached."
L. Hudgins, Loma Linda, CA


For Stress Relief


"When my first issue came, I¹d been having a very stressful day. As I wearily flopped down on the sofa, I flipped open the magazine to the beautiful photos of the hummingbirds. I just sat there and drank it in. It was like a healing balm for my soul. I look forward to the next issue."
M. Schickling, Rochester, NY


Other Outreaches


"Your magazine is such a beautiful expression of god’s Creation. I use it to open conversation and contact with patients at Casa Christian Center.  This is a private residential Hospice care home dedicated to the care of elderly ladies, some with Alzheimer’s who retain old memories and look endlessly at the overwhelming beautiful photos of places and scenes which are similar to their life experience.  Thank you for the quality and obvious care that goes into every page and article."
B Barboza, Indialantic, FL

Thank you so much for your generous gift subscription to your publication.  As a person confined behinds prison walls, the articles and photos remind me that there is still beauty of our Lord outside these walls.
G. Brown, San Diego, CA

"I can’t say enough word of praise about this magazine.  It is the first magazine I’ve read from cover to cover and finished completely edified!  I am telling all my friends your story on bamboo was so timely as I teach Sunday School and was just that day wondering if my kids were even getting it. They are now known as “my little bamboo”.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
D. Bentz, Schaumburg, IL

"The quality of the presentation is one of the greatest appeals your magazine has. I would like to give a gift subscription to a dear friend and benefactor of our monastery. May God continue to bless your work."
Sister Francisca, Carmel, CA

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