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Youth need to know that God is STILL the Creator who can

create in them a new heart. Creation Illustrated provides

the character-building lessons found in nature that have a

life-changing impact -- even an ETERNAL IMPACT -- which

was Christ’s method of teaching and reaching the masses

with His saving truth.


Schools – Creation Project Yearly Goal $95,000.00


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Comments from Teachers


Here are some examples of how your donations are having a lasting impact in the lives of today’s youth!



“We very much appreciate your emphasis of God's great creation through science, Scripture, nature activities, and character-building lessons.”

         –Lisa Jennings, Apison, TN


“Thank you for the complimentary subscription that I receive. I read the articles and share with my students the topics that relate to health or Biology.  This is such a reliable resource, and I love the fact that it is spiritually based.  Thanks again and God bless.”

         –Paty Serrano, Silver Springs, MD


“I just wanted to express my appreciation as a teacher of younger children.  I am constantly looking for books and teaching materials that teach from a Creation point of view.  Many children's books are sadly lacking when it comes to sharing Creation.  Instead the children are bombarded with this happened "millions of years" ago.  This causes children to be confused, even though I teach about creation every year.  So thank you for providing an excellent resource even for lower elementary teachers.  Today more than ever kids need to know the truth about Creation.”

          –Wendy Witas, Burlington, WA


“I have been teaching for 10 years, and I'm not sure when we first received the magazine, but from the moment we got them I've loved them.  In my classroom's Science Center, my students use the magazines to discuss with others different animals, plants, flowers, and habitats. The students use the pictures to find God’s majesty throughout the entire magazine. We use this magazine for EVERYTHING!”

          –Tarkyshia Wade, Memphis, TN


"Just wanted to give a big thank you for providing Creation

Illustrated to my classroom. I use it in a variety of ways: for

worship, art ideas, and science resources.  May God continue

to bless each one involved in getting it out to the classroom


           –Pam Roney, Centralia, MO


"Our school thanks you for sending us this magazine.  The

students benefit from the well written articles that combine

science knowledge along with spiritual lessons.  The

photographs are fantastic, too."

          –Linda Everhart, Bennington, VT


"Teaching 8th grade Science is challenging, especially with students who have spent the previous years learning all the ‘facts’ of evolution.  Creation Illustrated is a visually refreshing periodical to catch the students attention and then get them to discover that more than the teacher and preacher believe the Bible, including the creation account.  Because of the 8th grade science class, I have also been presenting seminars and church services, titled, "Evolution Alert!"  Thank you for the assistance Creation Illustrated gives me in many areas."

           –Judy L. Shull, Grand Rapids, MI


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