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Prisoners are being re-created in Christ Jesus!




Creation Illustrated is working with Prison Ministries to send our magazine which speaks of God's great love to the many incarcerated and nature deprived men and women in North America that need a relationship with Him.  The US has 5% of the world's population but houses 25% of the world's inmates!  "I was in prison and you came to visit me." Matt 25:36


Prison-Creation Project Yearly Goal $40,000.00


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Reading the many letters and cards from prisoners requesting our magazine really

pulls at the heart.  Being surrounded by concrete and steel 24/7 with little exposure

to nature and the God's beautiful creation is DEPRESSING!  Studies show that the

simple act of just looking at nature photos improves our minds! But we are so

grateful to be supplying something even better – nature with spiritual and character

building lessons!  The response from the prison inmates has been over-whelming!


After raising $40,000 in donations in 2012 -2013 we teamed up with Christmas

Behind Bars Ministry and were able to get over 40,000 issues of Creation Illustrated

into the hands of thousands of incarcerated women and men across the United

States where 1 in 100 adults are in prison or jail.  Now we are seeking another $50,000

to continue this rewarding outreach.


Here is a letter from Christmas Behind Bars:


Your organization is bringing hope to many men and women behind bars perhaps forgotten but certainly not forgotten by God Nor have they been forgotten by you or your organization and many sponsors. We here at Christmas behind bars want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing with those the path to true freedom for all people!


We just delivered a few days ago almost 3,000 gift packages to the state of

Minnesota with Creation Illustrated in each on. Yesterday afternoon, with

the help of the Indiana High School students, we delivered 300 packages to

a local county jail in central Indiana. The work keeps moving forward and

we say thank you, and we wish you Gods rich blessings.


Sincerely love and prayers,


Lemuel and Donna Vega


Christmas Behind Bars




Prisoner Letters


Here are a few letters from prisoners:


"I love it. I’m doing the equivalent of a life sentence

so I read everything I come across. I would appreciate

it if you could send me your magazine and any Bible

studies that you might have."

        -Fredrick M., Rendleton, IN


"I am serving a 20 year sentence and have given my

life to the Lord. I don’t have the funds with which to

obtain your publication and would greatly appreciate

if you could send me a subscription to Creation

Illustrated. Thank you and God bless you."

        -H. R., Sneads, FL


"I am writing in hopes you will place me on your mailing list to receive reading material. At the present time I am incarcerated in the Texas Prison System and have no means of receiving books or other reading material. I’ll close in hope of hearing from your soon."

        -For His Kingdom, Ronald


"Greetings in the name of our Savior. I was blessed today with a tattered copy of a portion of a back issue of one of your magazines – (vol. 3, no. 3) with part of an article that was inspiring by Terry McComb and Dr. Robertson. Your handed down magazine was/is beautiful, and by question is: do you have a subscription rate for prisoners? I only earn 8 cents per hour, but I’d really like to get your magazine. The photos and letters are inspirational and bring me peace. Thank you for responding to this inquiry. May the Lord bring you even more blessings,"

        -G. Brown, Lancaster, CA


"Thank you so much for your generous gift subscription to your publication.  As a person confined behind prison walls, the articles and photos remind me that there is still beauty of our Lord outside these walls."

        -G. Brown, San Diego, CA


“I am incarcerated and in my cell 23 hours a day. We don’t get good magazines or Christian books without pages gone. Well, I found a Creation magazine and I passed it cell to cell, and all the Christian people love it. Well, I have no money. Do you have anything I can receive Free? Then I can read and pass them around cell to cell? God bless.”

         -K.G. New Castle, IN


"Good morning and God bless you,

I am Chaplain Bob Walker, at Four Mile Correctional Center. I am writing to

inquire about receiving a few copies of your publication "Creation Illustrated".

We have 511 inmates here, and of that number about 80 to 110 attend Sunday


We could probably use 25 copies of each of your issues, but any amount would

be a blessing to the men here."

        -Chaplain Bob Walker, Canon City, CO   



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