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Summer 1996, Vol. 3, No. 2 - <span style="color:#ff0000;">SOLD OUT</span>
Summer 1996, Vol. 3, No. 2 - SOLD OUT

Features include:
  • Creatures Near and Dear to Us: Confessions of a Snorkeler - Tropical fish by Dan Wyrick
  • Re-Creation Outdoor Adventure: Puerto Rico Reprieve by Anne Schultz
  • Creation Up Close: Sand Shifting by Bryan Ness PhD 
  • Character Development Through Art: Preaching Glory with Paintbrush with Basic Life Principles illustrator Severt Andrewson
  • Genesis Cuisine: Mexican Memories Recipes of Mexican Memories, Lentil Enchiladas, Lemon-Cilantro Rice, Mango Fresco, Simple Salsa, Coconut-Lime Pie by Jennifer, Tom Ish and Phyllis Smith
  • Creating a House into a Home: Near to His Heart at Home - Hawaii home by Shirley Engel
  • Nature activities: read & discover, sand collecting, find & circle puzzle
  • Creation Day 6 part 3 of the Creation Story: insects and creeping things by Terry McComb
  • Poetry: Diamonds and Lace and Loon Call by Elma Helgason
  • And more!
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