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Summer 2012, Vol. 19, No. 2
Summer 2012, Vol. 19, No. 2

Features include:
  • Re-Creation Outdoor Adventure: Biking in British Columbia -Taylor Basin by Tammie Burak
  • A Lens on Creation: Birding Adventure - Gulf Coast Tern Colony, FL by Bobby Harrison
  • Creation Up Close: Trees of Righteousness - Biblical trees by Douglas Rose
  • Creation Day 7 of the Creation Story: Rest -Time - Love by Terry McComb
  • Creation Highlights and Creation Stewardship
  • My Walk with God: Big Red - a girl and her horse by Nancy Landahl
  • Gardens from Eden: Healthful Herbs by Sandy Brill
  • Genesis Cuisine: Choice Cherries Recipes of Cherry Asian Slaw, Cherry Red Curry, Frozen Cherry Cream Torte by Jennifer Melissa and Tom Ish
  • Children Story: Destined to Be a Duck by Jeannie Gerhardt
  • A Youth Nature Photo Contest
  • Nature activities and puzzle
  • Instructional Guide to help glean key spiritual and character-building lessons
  • Creation Resource Guide, Wholesome Living Guide and Educational Resources Guide
  • Poetry: Ombra Mai Fu by George Frideric Handel
  • And more!
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