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Spring/Summer 1994, Vol. 1, No. 2 - <span style="color:#ff0000;">SOLD OUT</span>
Spring/Summer 1994, Vol. 1, No. 2 - SOLD OUT

Features Include:
  • Creation Up Close: Consider the Lilies - Wildflowers by Karen Jensen, PhD and Beauty with Passion - lessons of the passion flower by Terry McComb
  • Re-Creation Outdoor Adventure: The Grandeur of the Grand - Grand Canyon National Park by Dan Wilson
  • Creatures Near and Dear to Us: Maternal Instincts - birds with young by Bryan Ness, PhD
  • Creating a House into a Home story: The Home that God Provided - a Michigan home by Ellen Miller
  • Genesis Cuisine: A Bountiful Brunch Recipes of Broiled Pink Grapefruit, Santa Fe Breakfast Quiche, Potato Waffles, Baked French Toast, Breakfast Pudding Parfait, with Blueberry and Orange Toppings by Jennifer and Tom Ish
  • Gardens from Eden: How to Grow Cherished Blossoms - the joys of growing a rose garden by Shirley Engel
  • Character Development Through Art: The Potter and His Clay - pottery artist Randy Evans
  • Creation Day 2 of the Creation Story: A Canopy of Mercy - firmament by Henry M Morris, PhD
  • Nature activities puzzles & crafts
  • Poetry: God Said It With Color by Elma Helgason
  • And more!
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