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Spring 2003, Vol. 10, No. 1
Spring 2003, Vol. 10, No. 1

Features Include:
  • Re-Creation Outdoor Adventure: Hope - a cape where forces meet, Cape Peninsula National Park, South Africa by Linda Potts
  • Creation Up Close: Spiral Symmetry - Fibonacci in nature by Eileen Lantry
  • Creation Day 3 of the Creation Story: Sea, land, and plants  by Tatiana Claudy & Evelyn Sayler
  • My Walk with God: The Mother's Day that Brought Me to My Knees  - praying mantis by Karen Aaker
  • Genesis Cuisine: Asparagus Inspirations Recipes of Asparagus Rolls, Asparagus-Potato & Tomato-Pepper Bisque, Fried Asparagus Tabouli Salad by Jennifer and Tom Ish
  • Gardens from Eden: The Neglected Garden by Caryn Burdine
  • Children's story: Magpies - Friends or Rogues? by Lee Hill-Nelson
  • Youth Photo Contest
  • Instructional Guide to help glean key spiritual and character-building lessons
  • Nature activities: Wonder of a seed puzzle, read & discover, a time to plant, find & circle puzzle
  • Poetry: Droplets of Life and Secure by Elma Helgason
  • And more!
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