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Premier Edition, Fall/Winter 93-94, Vol. 1, No. 1.
Premier Edition, Fall/Winter 93-94, Vol. 1, No. 1.

  • Creation Up Close: FALL -Tree Seasons & The Gospel found in a Snowflake - Listen to it Snow by Terry McComb
  • Re-Creation Outdoor Adventure: Glacier National Park - Natural Cathedrals at a Place Called Glacier by Ellen Dana
  • Creatures Near and Dear to Us: Power & Grace of Horses
  • Creativity found in a cozy New England home: From a Caring Touch and Helping Hands by Violet Larrabee
  • Genesis Cuisine: Holiday Recipes of Hearty Borsch, Pumpkin Bread, Cranberry Apple Crisp, Winter Pear Salad, Holiday Loaf, Pineapple-Peacan Yams by Jennifer and Tom Ish
  • Gardens from Eden A Joyful Harvest from Cursed Ground by Ken and Dorothy Oster-
  • Creative gift of a watercolor art: Nearer, Still Nearer to God by Thomas Morphis
  • Creation Day 1 of the Creation Story: The Goodness of Light by Wayne Miller
  • Beyoned Visible Light by Ron Osterman
  • Nature activities: collage calendar, animal tracks and puzzle
  • Poetry: Empty Nest by Betty England and Winter Light by Jeanne Matlack
  • And more!
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