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Upcoming Editions of Creation Illustrated

The following is a list of features that could be scheduled for upcoming editions of Creation Illustrated.

  • Creation Up Close feature
  • Creatures Near and Dear to Us feature
  • Lens on Creation - birdwatching adventures
  • Re-Creation Outdoor Adventure feature
  • Creation Day feature: next day in the series
  • Creation Highlights
  • Creation Stewardship
  • Gardens from Eden feature
  • My Walk with God feature
  • Genesis Cuisine recipes
  • Children’s story
  • A Youth Photo Contest (ages 5-15, cash prizes each quarter)
  • Giving Thanks - Editorial Reflections
  • Sharing our Mail
  • Uplifting poetry, scripture, and nature
  • Instructional Guide & Puzzle
  • Resource Guide
      Some of the upcoming features for Summer 2017
Creatures Near and Dear to Us - "Sea Otters" by Sonia Randall
Creation Up Close - "The Balms of Haviah
"  by Richard S. Barnett
Recreation Outdoors - "Hiking Supirour Trail" by Kim Harms

A Lens on Creation - "Bird Watching Adventures" with Bobby Harrison birding photographer.
Creation Week - "Day 1 - Creation of Light  and Color"  by Julie Guirgis

Creativity in the Garden - "Lessons from a Garden" by Nicolas Massey
Genesis Cuisine recipes - by Creation Illustrated
My Walk with God - "Texas Twilight Walk" by Angel Bowles
Children's Story - "Roadrunner Visitor
" by Esther Bailey


We welcome ideas and your comments.  Writers and photographers are encouraged to look at the Writer and Photographer Guidelines for more details on what each feature is about and STORY AND PHOTO SCHEDULE AND DEADLINES.

Writers: QUERIES, SOLICITED MATERIAL, AND UNSOLICITED MATERIAL  can be email to ci@creationillustrated.com   Please put "submission or query and your articles title" in the subject line.   OR mail to:  Creation Illustrated editor, P.O. Box 7955, Auburn, CA 95604.  Please include a SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED RETURN ENVELOPE if you wish your items to be returned. 

All submissions to the editor (including solicited material) will be considered for POSSIBLE publication. Unsolicited material is welcomed, but a query is recommended since a similar subject may already be assigned. We do not accept phone queries. If we are interested in your query or submissions, you will be notified by the editor.

Photographers:  Please contact us with your request to be on our photo needs list mailing at:  ci@creationillustrated.com or Creation Illustrated editor, P.O. Box 7955, Auburn, CA 95604.  We send this out each quarter after we have selected from the submitted articles.